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Friday, March 25th, 2011
La Senza & National Cleavage Day!

National Cleavage Day is happening on the 31st of March and La Senza have a great range of bras that will help with their excellent selection of Boost Bras!

This page features all types of Boost Bras from single to triple, passing by air bras as
well as padded ones and adding cleavage solutions for all types of low cut tops and dresses.

Give your cleavage a boost and show it off on National Cleavage day!

Friday, January 7th, 2011
If you've ever gone to buy a bikini then you might be amazed to see how many types there actually are. There are several differences between the different types.
One of the most popular types is the bandeau bikini top. This is normally a strapless item worn to cover the bust only. Because they have no straps they are good for getting an even tan on your shoulders. The bandeau bikini can be fastened at the front or rear. They sometimes have a thin halter neck strap but it does not help keep the bikini up, it is for show only.
You can get wide bandeau bikinis and these are more like a boob tube top.
The Plunge bikini top has a revealing neckline which helps you show plenty of cleavage. The cup coverage narrows to the centre point of the top at the front.
A Halter neck bikini has one loop of strap that goes from the outside of each cup around the neck. They can tie behind the neck with a bow or a clip, or sometimes they can fasten at the cup. A Halter neck strap can be from the centre of the bikini too. The main feature is that it goes around the neck in one strap rather than two.
The Triangle bikini top has the fabric covering each of the breasts in a triangle shape. This type can also have a halter neck strap.
Another form of the triangle bikini is the simple slide triangle bikini. This allows for some movement of the triangular fabric along the narrow band. Often just a thin strap of material makes the chest band making it good for getting more of a tan.
There are also Tie front bikini tops which fastens at the front in a fabric knot.
If you have a larger bust then look for an under wired Balcony Bikini as this gives more support to your bust. When your bust is supported properly it is more flattering and comfortable.
A Tankini is one of the more unusual styles that a bigger style top for a bikini covering more of the midriff and some cover as far down as the bikini bottoms. It is a more flattering item of swim wear for some figures. It covers more than just the bust and can be good for people who are self-conscious.
When you buy bikinis and swim wear online you get chance to look at many more styles than you would online!

Sunday, September 5th, 2010
Bra Sizes - how to measure the right size for your bra.
Ensuring you buy the right size bra might seem complicated at first and even if you've done it a few times in the past you might well have forgotten now how to do it.
Measure around the band first - that's the big that sits around your body and has the fastening on. Measure under your busts. Make a note of this number in inches. The tape measure needs to be flat and straight across your back. It's often easier if someone helps you do this. If this is even, add four, if it is odd, add five. The resulting number is your band size.
Measure around the fullest part of your bust in inches. The tape needs to be loose on the verge of slipping off. :
The difference between the band size and bust measurement in inches is the cup size - If the two are the same, you are an A cup. If your bust size is one inch larger than your band size, you are a B cup, two inches larger and you are a C cup. This continues though not in a strictly linear way, due to the presence of cup sizes such as DD, FF etc.
If you measure your band size as 32 inches then as it's even you add 4 inches to make a band size of 36. If you measure around the bust and it's 38 inches then the difference is 4 inches which is a D cup. So you need a 36D.
Of course there are differences between some different brands and cuts making them often smaller than the cup size indicates. Whilst this can be annoying almost everywhere does free returns if you do get the wrong size and some sites are clear about what size you might need on some styles.

Friday, July 2nd, 2010
Various underwear definitions!

Bikini briefs definition - they look like bikinis - but are worn as underwear. They vary and can have string sides or thin strips of material. They are not high! Also known sometimes as mini briefs.

Bloomers underpants worn by women often long and sometimes tight at the lower end just above the knee - think of them as loose fitting trousers or shorts.

Brazilian style is low on the hips with a cheeky cut that isn't as high as the high leg.

G String - has a string thong and not a lot of fabric at the front.

Granny pants - large unflattering pants. Also sometimes known as Bridget Jones pants. Also known as belly-warmers.

High leg means they are cut high on the leg to show off the leg length in a flattering way. They are normally high rise covering up the belly and the bottom.

Midi briefs are bigger than bikini style but not as big as maxi. They come up to just under the bellybutton and cover your bum.

Maxi come up further than normal briefs and may reach the belly button depending on the design. They will cover your bum completely. Also known as Full briefs.

Low rise and high rise refer to how high up the body the underwear comes.

Pants - short for underpants. A more generic term.

Shorts - are just like close fitting shorts. They normally only go to the hips and are not long on the leg.

Thong: A thong is underwear that exposes the buttocks and is supported by a waistband.


Thursday, July 1st, 2010

10 things you shouldn't use a bra for

  1. Carrying melons home from the supermarket. We've seen them carrying coffee in one and we didn't think that was a good idea either.
  2. A Slingshot. It's not got the stretch required to fire canon balls!
  3. A radiator cat bed for kittens. Just don't!
  4. A hat. It isn't funny. Not at all.
  5. Sewn together to make a handbag. Well you could, but it'd be weird and you might end up with lots of blokes wanting to put their hand inside your bra!
  6. As a holder for tennis balls.
  7. Ditto for bowling balls. Even Jordan would struggle with this.
  8. For planting strawberries in. Really, it'll just look odd.
  9. For soup. Unless you wear plastic cupped bras and even then that's SO wrong!
  10. As a hammock for Action man.
Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
Washing instructions on bras
When you've got a favourite bra you want to make it last as long as possible and get to wear it often! You should always follow the washing instructions on bras otherwise you risk ruining them.
For instance when the instructions on the label say "hand wash only, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean" - then that's what they mean! The labels are important as some materials used to make bras can't stand heat above a certain temperature or will be damaged by certain chemicals. Sometimes the action of washing a bra within a washing machine can damage it badly enough for it to be useless as a bra. One of the most common washing machine fault is caused by losing a bra wire into the drum. This catches and damages the drum! You can buy special bags to put bras in so that the wires don't come out and the bra doesn't get damaged. If you're going to wash a bra in the washing machine then read the instructions first to make sure it's ok - and use a proper laundry bag too!
For handwashing use warm water and washing powder or liquid and be gentle! Wash often to keep bras looking in top condition!
Of course if you ruin your bras you'll need some more - so remember to bookmark this site now so that you can keep coming back to find the bargains!
Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
Adhesive bras are intended for wearing under very strappy dresses. They are basically stuck on to provide support under the bust. Follow instructions carefully!
Air bras use air to create a more filled cup look. See water bras.
Bandeau bra - often seen as a bikini style top it is just a band of cloth worn around the bust. Ideal for smaller breasts that don't need support.
Balconette bra is designed to lift up the breasts and is ideal for wearing under lower cut clothing where a normal bra would be seen! Sometimes known as the shelf bra.
Bridal underwear is usually white or ivory and designed to be supportive under a wedding dress. It will normally provide strapless support. It's also designed to be pretty!
Built-in bras - are found in some dresses and swimsuits. They are moulded cups that provide support for your bust whilst you're wearing the item. More expensive swimsuits have this built in to ensure you have a lovely shape when wearing a swimming costume. Essential for larger busted women to be comfortable in swimsuits.
Bullet bras is a full-support bra with cups in the shape of a cone - as in the front of a bullet. Worn by pin ups of the 1940s and 1950s they are iconic of that era and Madonna wore them a lot in the 80s and 90s as outerwear!
Convertible bras have detachable straps, or straps that can be reconfigured to go under different style straps.
Cupless bras have no cup! They have the band and the straps but leave the cup uncovered. They're often worn as erotic underwear rather than every day bras. Peephole bras allow only the nipple to be seen.
Front fastening bras have the opening at the front. Sometimes V strap bras with a racerback-style back have the fastening at the front.
Full bra - offering full support. Underwired usually on bigger sizes and with broader straps and band to provide the support to a fuller bust.
Lingerie is a term for fashionable and notionally alluring undergarments as opposed to underwear which is more utilitarian.
Mastectomy bras are designed to allow a prosthetic breast to be held in place following a masectomy.
Male bras are bras worn by men with gynecomastia to flatten and conceal rather than lift and support.
Maternity bras are bras designed to have more give as womens busts increase in size during pregnancy. It's important to have breasts measured a couple of times during the pregnancy to ensure the right bra size is worn. Also sometimes refers to bras designed for breast feeding.
Minimizer bras compress and shape the breasts to create the illusion of being smaller than they are. They are designed to minimise the bust.
Nursing bras are designed for breastfeeding by allowing the baby easy access to the nipple.
Padded bras are bras that have padding inside the lining. Designed to provide a fuller shape for small breasts
Push-up bras lift and push the bust together to enhance the cleavage. The wonderbra is the best known bra. They contain padding on the outside to achieve the push in.
Racerback bras have shoulder straps in a "V" pattern close to the neck. Many sports bras are of this design.
Shelf bras is another name for cupless bra. They only cover a small amount of the breast or none at all.
Softcup bra has no underwire. It's support comes solely from the band and cup design.
Sport bras are designed to provide firm support to prevent breasts moving excessively during exercise.
Strapless bras designed to be worn without shoulder straps. Essential for dresses with no straps.
T-shirt bras are designed with a smooth finish without raised seams. This enables them to be worn under tight tops without being seen.
Trainer bras are first bras - designed for girls as they start developing.
U-plunge bras are specially designed bras that have a deep low U shape cut out in the middle between the breasts. It provides lift and shape and support for wearing under plunging necklines. Often has convertible straps so it can be worn in different ways under different clothing.
Underwired bras are designed to give extra support and endurance. They have a wire (metal or plastic) running under each cup to provide rigid support to the bust.
Water bras have water- (or sometimes gel) filled cups to make ones breasts look larger.
Monday, June 28th, 2010
What is a balconette bra? It's one that is designed to flatter your breasts by lifting them up but not fully covering them. It's an essential bra for wearing under more revealing tops and dresses. The bra can be a semi or half cup and because the straps are further apart it aims to give good lift.
Balconette braa were first designed in the United States in 1938, and came into mainstream underwear fashion in the 1950s. It's been known in the past as the Demo Bra or the Shelf Bra.
They don't fully support the bust as a full cup bra would, but are essential for wearing under more low cut clothing. Padded versions can help enhance a smaller bust, as well as enhancing the look of a sagging bust by smoothing out the look.
For fuller breasts they aren't generally a good idea as many models don't offer enough support to be comfortable for long periods of time. However as a fashion must for the times you need to wear sexy clothing then they are essential so you don't have any bra on show.
Sunday, June 27th, 2010
Do you always wear matching sets? Many people don't for every day wear, but for special occaisions or where you've bought special underwear just for that event you will make sure you wear the matching set. If you are organised you might find it easy to keep sets in pairs so you always wear the matching bra to the pants. For many people it's just not possible every day and it's not a crime! Just make sure that when it's important to you, you do put on the full matching set!
Matching bra and pants sets are available in so many different colours and styles that you will find something you just adore each time you start looking for underwear to buy.
The type of bra you buy is probably as much down to what size breasts you have. Smaller boobs can have the biggest choice of bras, but larger ones need more support which rules out some of the less supportive styles of bra.
Saturday, June 26th, 2010
bra and pants sets
Buying matching bra and pants sets is a great idea if you have a very co-ordinated wardrobe and love to know that your outfit is always perfect. With pretty bras it doens't matter if someone catches a glimpse of a bra strap under your blouse. When your underwear is pretty you will feel more confident. Matching sets enable you to be fully co-ordinated. It's not so many years back that having a matching set meant a black bra with black pants - these days there are so many sets of underwear for women that you are quite literally spoilt for choice. With different types of pants available with the best sets so you can decide if you want briefs or a thong with your new bra.